Haitian Gang Members Begin Surrender of Guns in Exchange for Grants and Job Training through U.N.-Led Program

Three gang members surrendered their guns Monday in the first handover of weapons in a U.N.-led effort to disarm hundreds of Haitian criminals.

The men held the guns above their heads as they approached Brazilian peacekeepers to the cheers of supporters during the handover ceremony in the gritty Port-au-Prince slum of Solino. They agreed to disarm after peacekeepers promised they would not be arrested.

Haiti's government and U.N. peacekeepers are trying to persuade up to 1,000 gang members to lay down their arms with offers of money, food and job training.

Haiti's government and U.N. peacekeepers will begin a campaign seeking to persuade hundreds of gang members to disarm with promises of money, food and job training, a U.N. envoy said yesterday. Top gang leaders will not be eligible.