Boston Red Sox defeat Toronto Blue Jays, 2-1

The Red Sox announced yesterday that Jon Lester, 22, had been diagnosed with a rare form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a blood cancer, and will begin treatment in the coming week.

Sox manager Terry Francona, who said he visited Lester at Massachusetts General Hospital Thursday, informed the team of Lester's condition about an hour before last night's game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

``We met as a team before the game just to make sure everyone understood what was goi...

The night had begun with a sigh of relief -- David Ortiz's heart had checked out normal -- but soon thereafter came the somber announcement that Jon Lester, Boston's prized rookie lefthander, had been diagnosed with cancer.

It ended with Jonathan Papelbon, the team's prized closer and a leading candidate for American League rookie of the year, clutching his right shoulder in pain, two outs away from a 2-1 victory the Sox claimed over the Toronto Blue Jays.

There was ...