Kansas City Royals defeat Boston Red Sox, 6-4

Criticism comes in many forms when you are general manager of the Boston Red Sox.

It swallowed a great man named Lou Gorman and it no doubt expedited the departure of Dan Duquette. Being in charge of the Sox makes you a target for nasty newspaper columns, raging radio opinions, TV panel shows, blogs, and standard water cooler conversation.

Theo Epstein has a name for it: ``The sound and the fury."

``You can't listen to it," Epstein said in a phone conversation as the...

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- They need to beat up the Kansas Cities on the schedule before they run into the Detroits, New Yorks, Los Angeleses, Seattles, and Oaklands, which they will see on that schedule starting next week and running through the end of the month.

But somewhere along the way, the Red Sox, 6-4 losers last night, forgot that the Royals are a major league team capable of beating you if you 1. make bad pitches and 2. make bad plays.

The Sox also lost second bas...