Seattle Mariners defeat Boston Red Sox, 4-3

SEATTLE -- Where have you gone, Mike Timlin?

Over the last 22 games, the 40-year-old righthanded setup man has set up disasters. He has allowed 18 earned runs in his last 21 1/3 innings, five home runs in his last 14 games, obvious signs that the wear and tear of the past few years has finally caught up with him.

Asked to protect a 3-2 Red Sox lead in the bottom of the eighth inning last night in relief of David Wells, Timlin surrendered a leadoff home run to Adrian ...

SEATTLE -- More news yesterday from the International Astronomical Union general assembly in Prague. In the wake of their controversial decision to demote Pluto, the astronomers have agreed to officially recognize Planet Manny as the new ninth celestial body in our solar system.

Makes sense. Planet Manny operates in his own orbit and hits baseballs into outer space. He's certainly no dwarf planet like Pluto.

Closing the loop on another weird week, Manny Ramírez last ...