New York Yankees defeat Boston Red Sox, 13-5

It was Johnny Damon. It was Derek Jeter.

It was Bobby Abreu. It was Alex Rodriguez. It was Jorge Posada. It was Jason Giambi. It was walks and singles and doubles and triples and home runs. It was, essentially, everything.

Two days, three games, and an inordinate amount of Yankees scoring later, the Red Sox have dropped three games in the American League East standings. They've watched their pitchers get eaten alive by 28 walks in 27 innings, their center fielder of the...

The Red Sox brass set sail on John Henry's big boat last night. The owner held a party to celebrate the engagement of his star general manager, Theo Epstein. Nice gesture. Toasts all around, no doubt. A three-hour tour.

And no cheap jokes about tying cement blocks to the ankles of any Sox pitchers and tossing them overboard.

It was undoubtedly nice to get away for a few hours, but there is no safe place for Epstein and Sox management at this moment -- not even on the...