New York Yankees defeat Boston Red Sox, 12-4

You've heard of the twi-night doubleheader and the day-night doubleheader?

Say hello to the day-night-morning doubleheader.

Make that day-night-mourning doubleheader.

In one of the ugliest and most painful twin bills in the long history of the ancient yard, the Red Sox were swept by the Yankees, 12-4 and 14-11, at Fenway yesterday-today. It took more than eight hours to play the 18 sloppy innings. Game 2 was officially the longest nine-inning game in major league his...

Manny Ramírez pulled one of his occasional disappearing acts into the left-field scoreboard during a pitching change last night. Given the exhibition of sorry pitching he was required to endure throughout the day, no one would have blamed him if he'd decided not to come back.

The Yankees batted around a shocking four times -- twice in each game -- the last time in a seven-run seventh inning that left the Red Sox bullpen in pieces scattered across the Fens. Sox owners Jo...