Cleveland Indians defeat Boston Red Sox, 6-3

There's a vacancy sign on the captain's chair in the Red Sox clubhouse.

That doesn't bode well for them on a night when they lost, 6-3, to the Cleveland Indians and fell into a virtual tie with the Yankees for first place in the American League East after holding sole possession of the top spot for the last 44 days.

Jason Varitek has not relinquished the red ``C" on his chest, but the catcher will need arthroscopic surgery to repair partially torn meniscus cartilage in ...

So if Rudy Seanez never threw over, and none of the Red Sox infielders bothered to pay any attention, do you credit the black bird with a steal in the top of the ninth or do you call it defensive indifference?

``I don't know," said Cleveland manager Eric Wedge. ``I don't know if he was on our team or their team."

It was kind of hard to tell. The little birdie was definitely hanging out by the Indians dugout, but it had the Fenway Park crowd going nuts in the final in...