Entourage Season 3 Episode 5 - Crash and Burn

Vince and Ari must negotiate with both Warner Bros. and the director of Medellín in order to avoid scheduling conflicts with Aquaman 2. Turtle makes an appointment with Ari after rapper Saigon's single becomes a hit, much to the chagrin of Drama.

With help from Ari and Eric, Vince puts the heat on the studio to delay "Aquaman 2" so he can film his dream project, "Medellin." They manage to buy a 65-day window, but "Medellin" director Paul Haggis can't see himself chopping his script or trimming the shooting schedule. Eric comes up with a solution, convincing the director to shoot part of the script after Aquaman, and everyone's happy. Vince sets up a meeting with the head of Warner Brothers to tell him the good news.