Helmet release Monochrome

Monochrome is the sixth album by Helmet, released in 2006 through Warcon.

This is the third Helmet album in a row to be recorded as a three-piece, with new drummer Mike Jost joining veterans Page Hamilton and Chris Traynor. Bassist Jeremy Chatelain, who replaced Frank Bello on the Size Matters tour, rejoined the band for the 2006 Warped Tour in support of Monochrome.

The album is said to be a "return to roots," co-produced with Wharton Tiers, who recorded Helmet's first two albums Strap It On and Meantime. At least two of the tracks, "Money Shot" and "Bury Me", are known to be from Hamilton's former band Gandhi, but they have been rerecorded with the new Helmet line up.

The track 'Monochrome' is featured on the soundtrack for Saw III and is played over the film's end credits. The vinyl version of the album contained the bonus track 'Requiem' which was originally recorded by the band Killing Joke.