Boston Red Sox defeat Kansas City Royals, 5-4

Coco Crisp must have watched his ball settle into the glove of leaping Oakland right fielder Jay Payton in the fifth inning of Sunday's game with a sinking feeling: If that doesn't fall, what will?

That's the way a slump goes -- no matter where the ball is hit, someone is there to catch it.

But, after the A's left town, the Royals arrived as a welcome respite and perhaps a way to jump-start some of the team's leaden bats.

Including a stretch in which he didn't hav...

With the 36,436 at Fenway Park standing in anticipation of a mammoth home run from one of their own Bash Brothers, David Ortiz or Manny Ramírez, they were instead treated to a medium-depth sacrifice fly off the bat of Ramírez in the eighth inning that got the job done as well as any shot over the Monster seats would have.

They had gotten their home run fix the inning before, an unexpected, game-tying clout that cleared the Green Monster but almost never happened. Becaus...