Boston Red Sox defeat New York Mets, 9-4

A boo? Someone would be obtuse enough to boo Pedro Martínez when he returns to Fenway Park as a Mets starter tonight?

Say it isn't so.

``You can't possibly want to boo this guy," proclaims Gehrig38, a regular contributor to the Sons of Sam Horn website. ``What you got a chance to see included three of the most dominating seasons in baseball history."

``Gehrig38," as many of you know, answers to the real-life name of Curt Schilling.

Boo Pedro Martínez? Why? Because...

There was catharsis for a team that for years deserved better (Bill Buckner, Class of '86, received a standing ovation in absentia), open arms for Pedro Martínez (even if he blew off David Ortiz and Manny Ramírez for lunch), and expressions of concern for the stricken Peter Gammons (Sox owner John W. Henry called the press box for updates).

In the midst of it all, there was nonstop entertainment from two teams, the Sox and New York Mets, who would not surprise anyone if...