"Angry German Kid" Delights Millions With a Healthy Dose of Schadenfreude

The Angry German Kid apparently left his webcam on as he prepared for another gaming session at the PC. Well, first the game wouldn't load properly, and the kid starts getting very angry, cursing at the computer.

After the game finally loads, the kid gets offed in the game several times in quick succession, which really sends him over the edge. He continues screaming obscenities and bangs the keyboard on the desk until it breaks.

The story I've heard is this: The Angry German Kid's parents would occasionally come home to find the family computer's keyboard broken and/or missing keys, among other misplaced or broken items. They suspected that their son might have something to do with it, so they set up a hidden camera to see if they could catch him in the act. They did, and somehow the internet got ahold of it and here we are.

According to the youtube video entitled '(Translated) Angry German Kid - Correct Translation', he is acting.