Entourage Season 3 Episode 2 - One Day in the Valley

Vince's steamy post-premiere plans for Aquaman leave Drama hot and bothered.

A series of California blackouts threatens to undermine Aquaman's chances of eclipsing Spider-Man's opening-weekend numbers. Stuck in the San Fernando Valley, the guys purchase motorcycles and help two geeks get into a high-school party. Ari puts off sex with his wife on "game day", as he refers to the Aquaman opening day.

It's "Aquaman's" opening day and the pressure is on. Initial box office projections, already "Titanic"-sized, get even higher after the first East Coast numbers stream in, giving everyone hope that the film has a chance to pass "Spider-Man" as the biggest opening weekend in history. To avoid getting recognized, Vince and the boys decide to take in a showing in the Valley, but the 100 degree heat sets off blackouts -- and unsure West Coast numbers.