Boston Red Sox defeat Philadelphia Phillies, 8-4

PHILADELPHIA -- Historic home run?

You betcha.

But while the rest of the country acknowledged -- however grudgingly -- the 714th home run hit by Barry Bonds yesterday afternoon, Josh Beckett gave Red Sox fans a memorable swing worth celebrating without the slightest bit of compunction.

Beckett, doing his own Babe Ruth impression, both at the plate and on the mound, hit the first home run by a Sox pitcher during the designated hitter era, which began in 1973, in an 8-...

PHILADELPHIA -- David Wells turned 43 yesterday, and while he said he feels 10 years older, his mouth hasn't slowed down a bit, as he demonstrated anew in a 30-minute group interview in which he weighed in on Barry Bonds's alleged steroid use and -- much to the shock of Phillies outfielder David Dellucci -- threw Dellucci's name into his musings on players who may be using performance-enhancing substances.

Wells was talking about his rehab assignment this afternoon in n...