America's Next Top Model Cycle 6 Episode 13

Jay Manuel visited the remaining three contestants, and informed them that they would be doing both a photo shoot and a commercial for CoverGirl mascara the next day.

Jade, who did not memorize her lines, improvised to such an extent that she exasperated Jay. He allowed Jade to read her lines off cue cards. Joanie performed well in her commercial, despite struggling with her new teeth, while Danielle fumbled with her lines and was very self-conscious of her accent. After their commercials, the girls did their photo shoots.

At judging, Jade's photograph was praised but her commercial was criticized. The judges also criticized Jade's tendency to be too outspoken. Joanie's commercial and photograph were well received. Danielle's photograph also received positive feedback. Her commercial, however, received criticism from Tyra and Twiggy because of her prominent Southern accent. After deliberation, Joanie was called first. Danielle & Jade landed in the bottom two, and in the end, Jade was sent home in her fifth bottom two appearance, making one of the strangest departures in ANTM's history.

Danielle and Joanie would be walking in an elaborate fashion show, for Roj Singhakul's line Issue, with a set replicated to look like an ancient city with temples and a winding runway over water were both of them impressed the judges immensely. However, Danielle was told that she appeared bored when she walked, while Joanie looked down too much. The girls' photographs from past shoots were judged side by side, and great emphasis was made in Twiggy preferring Joanie and Nigel going for Danielle. However, the judges agreed that the two young women have had the strongest and most consistent pictures of the cycle. In the end, Danielle's presence edged out Joanie's and she was revealed as the sixth winner of America's Next Top Model.

First call-out: Joanie Dodds
Bottom two: Danielle Evans & Jade Cole
Eliminated: Jade Cole
Featured photographer: Jim De Yonker
Final two: Danielle Evans & Joanie Dodds
America's Next Top Model: Danielle Evans
Special guests: Charlie Altuna, Sutan, Roj Singhakul

Title: The Girl Who Walked Through The Ancient City

Don't you ladies want to have a casual beautiful mascara that you can put on your eyelashes like mine? Well I'm going to introduce to you today, um...nor, as you see mine, are very beautiful. ”

— Jade Cole