Hannah Montana Season 1 Episode 7

It's Miley's birthday again. Every year Miley's dad goes out to buy a baby present for her. Miley sends Lily to help Robbie pick out a good present. Meanwhile, Jackson has trouble with getting a cake to Miley's birthday.

Title: It's A Mannequin's World

Miley hatches an elaborate scheme in which she poses as a Hannah Montana clothing store mannequin when Hannah Montana opens her own range of clothing in a futile effort to receive an "un-lame" birthday gift from her father. Meanwhile Jackson buys Miley a birthday cake and unsuccessfully tries to keep it unspoiled until Miley's birthday party. Once the second birthday cake has been ruined Cooper comes over, admitting that he's a baker and makes Miley another cake which is also ruined after accidentally being shoved into Amber and Ashley's faces.