Boston Red Sox defeat Baltimore Orioles, 2-1

BALTIMORE -- Who would have thought a quick trip to Kinkos would result in another win for the Red Sox?

After all, last night's 2-1 win over the Orioles was a virtual carbon copy of the Sox' 2-1 victory over the Rangers Wednesday in Arlington, Texas.

In that game, Josh Beckett went seven innings in his Red Sox debut, Mike Timlin pitched the eighth, and Jonathan Papelbon finished it off in the ninth. Last night, Curt Schilling did the honors for seven, Timlin again wo...

BALTIMORE -- The season has just started and David Ortiz already is at odds with the umpires.

With the help of Red Sox video coordinator Billy Broadbent, Ortiz put together a video of all the pitches he took for strikes last season, and he said he was stunned by some of the pitches umpires called strikes, some of which the designated hitter claims were way out of the zone.

''Last year was unbelievable," he said yesterday. ''The other day we're playing in Texas and I'...