America's Next Top Model Cycle 6 Episode 9

This episode began with a session of press training, in which the final six contestants were taught how to deal with difficult interview questions and given pointers on how to improve.

Nnenna won the challenge and received massages administered by the other contestants and picked Jade to share her prize. Danielle, who had previously refused to have the gap between her front teeth closed, changed her mind at Tyra's urging in order to attain a more "CoverGirl"-like smile and compromised by having her gap closed almost fully, leaving a little bit of it open. Before long, the contestants were told that they would be heading to Bangkok, Thailand for the remainder of the competition.

Upon arriving in the city, they were given the assignment to pose hanging upside down from nets as mermaids over an open floating market. Joanie, Jade, and Danielle performed well on this difficult photo shoot while Sara's was considered mediocre. Furonda took good and bad shots and Nnenna struggled to turn out a good shot, ultimately landing both of them in the bottom two. Although Furonda was criticized for dressing too flashy, Nnenna, who had started at the top of the pack in the beginning, was eliminated when her progress in the competition seemed to plateau and that the judges felt she was slipping fast.

First call-out: Danielle Evans
Bottom two: Furonda Brasfield & Nnenna Agba
Eliminated: Nnenna Agba
Featured photographer: Jaturong Hirankarn
Special guests: Rachel McCallister, George Wayne, Sutan
CoverGirl of the Week: Joanie Dodds

Title: The Girl Who Is A Model Not A Masseuse

You know what? I am so tired of you impersonating me. I am Tyra. I am Ty, Ty Ty Baby... You know what, I think the only way we're going to be able to settle this is to go to Thailand!”

— Tyra Banks to Sutan (the makeup artist) in drag as Ty-Ra Banks