Boston Red Sox defeat Seattle Mariners, 2-1

Curt Schilling took it personally when someone (me) wrote on the eve of spring training that only one pitcher in the last 25 years had observed as many birthdays as Schilling has and won as many as 20 games in a season.

For Schilling, that was just another voice to the chorus of those questioning whether the Schill was gone.

Last night, seven months to the day he turns 40, Schilling offered more compelling evidence in a 2-1 win over Seattle that this may be one joyous s...

The proclamation, in content, was bold, but in tone it was merely matter of fact, suggesting that Curt Schilling genuinely believes what he said last night. No Schilling hyperbole. No grandstanding. No bravado. No veneer concealing something less. It was a statement of fact, pure and simple. And one to which Curt Schilling will be held for the remainder of this season.

''Feel good, feel healthy," Schilling said last night. ''Feel like I'm better than I've ever been."