America's Next Top Model Cycle 6 Episode 7

The contestants learned the "runway twirl" from the Aswirl Twins.

They put their knowledge to the test in a church fashion show challenge. Jade and Joanie were two crowd favorites, but in the end, Jade won a $25,000 diamond ring. Jade then chose Furonda to have a $10,000 diamond ring, who lastly chose Nnenna to have an $8,000 diamond ring.

Brooke was mad at Nnenna for not sharing the phone with the other girls because Nnenna kept using the phone to call her boyfriend, leading to the usually docile Brooke lashing out at Nnenna.

The photo shoot required the girls to "krump", which is a modern dance style, to advertise Payless shoes. Jade wowed Mr Jay at the photoshoot by adding something special to the end of the photoshoot while Joanie's photo impressed the judges. Sara and Leslie wound up in the bottom two for their poor challenge performance as well as a weak photo, but they felt Sara had more potential. Leslie was eliminated for not being a model in person, bad runway walk, posture and presence.

First call-out: Joanie Dodds
Bottom two: Leslie Mancia & Sara Albert
Eliminated: Leslie Mancia
Featured photographer: Trevor O'Shana
Special guests: Lloyd Klein, the Aswirl twins, Tommy the Clown, Sol Rafael, Mai Quynh, Christian Marc, Sutan, Roy Campbell
CoverGirl of the Week: Nnenna Agba

Title: The Girl Who Has A Temper

You really don't know what they're talking about because they're all over the place about "beauty" and "maaahdel" and "gaaahment."”

— Joanie Dodds