America's Next Top Model Cycle 6 Episode 2

The two-hour premiere episode devoted an hour to narrowing 32 contestants to 13 finalists, and the second hour featured the first photo shoot and elimination.

As the girls moved into their house in Los Angeles, one of the oldest contestants in the house, 26-year-old Jade, claimed she was "the undiscovered supermodel" and declared herself front runner of the competition. Nnenna won an interview challenge and chose Jade, Gina and Sara to be the first four to enter the house to choose their bedrooms.

The girls were led to believe that they would all be shaved bald as a way to level the competition for the photo shoot, when in fact they were fitted with skull caps and posed wearing Swarovski crystals in an array of mannequin heads. Many of the girls' photos impressed the judges, particularly Nnenna, Sara, Leslie, Joanie, Kari, and Danielle's among many others. Also, while judging Sara's photo, Tyra commended her by saying her photo was "one of the best photos in the history of America's Next Top Model". The self-described hillbilly Kathy was eliminated over Furonda, (whose photo Tyra said was the worst in the group) because the judges felt that she looked lost in her photo, and also because the judges didn't feel Kathy had model potential.

First call-out: Nnenna Agba
Bottom two: Furonda Brasfield & Kathy Hoxit
Eliminated: Kathy Hoxit
Featured photographers: Jay Lawrence Goldman, Pascal Demeester
Special guests: Janice Dickinson, Ève Salvail, Todd Newton, Trish Moreno, Rolanda Watts, Trey Smith, Tina Frazier, Sarah Gold

Title: The Girls Go Bald

I like came out there to see what was going on, and I was like: Oooh I see boobies! So I didn't really fit in because I have none...”

— Kathy Hoxit