America's Next Top Model Cycle 6 Episode 1

The casting process started out with 32 hopeful contestants who were driven to impress Tyra, Mr. & Miss J. Wendy revealed that she hasn't been able to speak with her family since they evacuated Hurricane Katrina.

Joanie showed the judges her rebellious side by showing her cage dancer moves, and also told the judges she was the daughter of a preacher. Jade gave the judges something to talk about after being a little cocky. A 27-year-old African-American doctor named Yvonne auditioned for this cycle. She won the catwalk challenge and impressed both of the Jay's. There was a strong chance of her being one of the finalists but because of her poor completion in her beauty close up, she was one of the 7 hopefuls not to be chosen.

After the a photoshoot, 13 finalists were selected to enter the competition. There were many older girls in this cycle. Only two of them were teenagers. 9 out of the 13 contestants were 21-years-old and over, including three 24-year-olds, a 25 year-old and a 26-year-old. Jade Cole was the only 26-year-old contestant since Robyn Manning of Cycle 1.

Finalists (in order of elimination):

Katherine "Kathy" Hoxit, 20, from Brevard, North Carolina
Wendy Wiltz, 22, from New Orleans, Louisiana
Kari Schmidt, 18, from Brookings, South Dakota
Gina Choe, 21, from Odessa, Florida
Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi, 25, from Tampa, Florida
Alejandra "Leslie" Mancia, 18, from Higley, Arizona
Brooke Staricha, 21, from Corpus Christi, Texas
Nnenna Agba, 24, from Houston, Texas
Furonda Brasfield, 24, from Stuttgart, Arkansas
Sara Albert, 21, from Davis, California
Jade Cole, 26, from New York, New York (2nd runner up)
Joanie Dodds, 24, from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania (runner up)
Danielle Evans, 20, from Little Rock, Arkansas (winner)

Title: The Girl Who Learns How To Dance

I am the most uber conservative republican hardcore baptist you could ever imagine in your whole life. I don't like gay people, I don't like Muslims, I don't like abortions, I don't like anything liberal... but other than that I really like to get along with people.”

— Dani