America's Next Top Model Cycle 6 Episode 5

This episode featured the girls receiving lessons on commercial and high-fashion posing from Janice Dickinson and Lisa from Cycle 5. Their challenge was to model for a Sears catalog, using the four seasons as their back-drop.

Nnenna easily won her third challenge and her prize was the entire wardrobe used for the shoot. Meanwhile, problems between Gina and Jade escalated into an argument at dinner thanks to Janice. Back at home Gina finally stood up for herself.

This week's photo shoot involved the contestants posing as their dream careers.

The episode title referred to Nnenna, who was kissed by the model Vaughn Lowery with whom she was posing, creating some on-air problems with Nnenna and her boyfriend. At judging, Tyra was impressed with Furonda's, Joanie's, Danielle's, and Leslie's photos, but then questioned Gina about her stiff performance and Brooke on her awkward photo. In the end, Brooke & Gina landed in the bottom two and Tyra chose Brooke over Gina, crediting Brooke with still having potential, while the judges had felt that Gina had mentally left the competition after the last week.

First call-out: Furonda Brasfield
Bottom two: Brooke Staricha & Gina Choe
Eliminated: Gina Choe
Featured photographer: Thomas Klementsson
Special guests: Janice Dickinson, Lisa D'Amato, Lawrence Zarian, Russel Baer, Christian Marc, John Thomas, Skyler, Vaughn Lowery, Steven Bruns, Zane
CoverGirl of the Week: Danielle Evans

Title: The Girl Who Kissed A Male Model

Model: Dream Career

Brooke: Anesthetist
Danielle: Singer
Furonda: Human Rights Attorney
Gina: Fashion Designer
Jade: Kindergarten Teacher
Joanie: Stay-at-home mom
Leslie: Criminal Justice Investigator
Mollie Sue: Makeup Artist
Nnenna: Drug researcher
Sara: Prosecutor

No matter what, rule number one, we never rat out our b****es”

— Janice Dickinson