America's Next Top Model Cycle 6 Episode 4

This episode featured the eleven remaining contestants practicing the runway.

The girls had to do a runway with cockroaches for Jared Gold's spring collection. Gina was terrified about the cockroaches while Jade tried to impress the judges by kissing the cockroach at the end of the runway. She won the challenge and picked Danielle, Mollie Sue, Nnenna & Leslie to join her in a trip to the Sheri Bodell fashion show, which was a part of Los Angeles' fashion week.

For the photo shoot, the girls had to take a photo while falling and were posed as a character from a popular fairy tale (except for Mollie Sue who posed as Little Boy Blue from the nursery rhyme).

At panel, several girls tripped or fell during the challenge during an impromptu Vivienne Westwood style runway challenge at judging. While Joanie received praise for maintaining a model's walk and her steadiness on the 10-inch heels, Danielle fell twice - the second time which she sprained her toe. Jade and Danielle were praised by the judges for having the top photos.During the panel deliberation Danielle spraint her little toe.

Gina and Kari landed in the bottom two. The judges said Gina lacked the confidence she needed to get by as a model and her photos had been some of the worst in the bunch. Although having a stellar portfolio, Kari was sent home, leaving the remaining girls in shock.

First call-out: Jade Cole
Bottom two: Gina Choe & Kari Schmidt
Eliminated: Kari Schmidt
Featured photographer: Tracy Bayne
Special guests: Fern Mallis, Sheri Bodell, Sutan, Jared Gold
CoverGirl of the Week: Nnenna Agba

Title: The Girl Who Kissed A Roach

Model: Character

Brooke: The Emperor from The Emperor's New Clothes
Danielle: Snow White (nicknamed Snow Black)
Furonda: Rapunzel
Gina: Sleeping Beauty
Jade: Little Red Riding Hood
Joanie: Cinderella
Kari: Goldilocks
Leslie: The Big Bad Wolf
Mollie Sue: Little Boy Blue
Nnenna: The Frog Princess
Sara: Gretel from Hansel and Gretel

I'm gonna follow you. You're waiting to take a shower? Can I watch you? You're gonna go now? I'm following you.”

— Gina Choe talking to Danielle Evans