Anti-Flag releases For Blood and Empire

For Blood and Empire is the sixth studio album by American punk band Anti-Flag.

It was released on March 21, 2006. It is also their first release on RCA Records, which caused the band to receive criticism from many due to their initially anti-corporate message.

The booklet, which comes with the CD, contains a short essay for all but two songs (State Funeral and Cities Burn) which gives more in-depth perspective on the inspirations for the song subjects such as the Downing Street Memo and Monsanto Company Corporation, as well as information on one of Anti-Flag's side projects, Military Free Zone. The CD also comes with two stencils, one is the "Gunstar", a star formed with broken M-16s (as seen on the cover of Mobilize), and the other of the phrase "What are we going to do about the U.S.A.?"

The album art was done by Mike Ski of The A.K.A.s.

The song "Emigre" (which on the promotional version was originally titled "Exodus") features an adaptation of Martin Niemöller's poem First they came.

"This is the End (For You My Friend)" is featured in two EA Sports video games, Madden NFL 07 and NHL 07.

"The Press Corpse" is featured in the video games Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam and Shaun White Snowboarding.

As of April 3rd, 2008, the album has sold 97,000 copies