Darrell McGraw's 2004 campaign contributions suspicious, raise questions

Some contributions to Attorney General Darrell McGraw's 2004 re-election campaign made by attorneys and family members at a Charleston law firm have raised questions about their legality on both a state and federal level.

Attorneys in the Charleston law firm of DiTrapano, Barrett & DiPiero and their family members contributed at least $30,000 to the campaign. That figure represents nearly 15 percent of all the contributions McGraw received in that run, according to campaign financial statements filed with the state Secretary of State's office.

The citizens of West Virginia have the right to know about Darrell McGraw's relationships with these campaign-contributing personal injury lawyers. Being in the dark may be good for romance, but that's not where the public should be in terms of the dealings of our public officials.”

— Steve Cohen, executive director of WV CALA, a nonprofit citizen watchdog group