America's Next Top Model Cycle 7 Episode 9

The next day, the contestants headed to the beach where they met pro athlete and model Gabrielle Reece where she taught the girls the art of action modeling while they bumped, set and spiked to beach volleyball.

The girls got even more physical with NASCAR driver Stanton Barrett for a competition where the winner had to take their own shots using a remote controlled camera. Although accidentally denting Stanton's car, Michelle won the challenge and picked Amanda, CariDee, and Melrose to share her reward. Unknown to them, there was a reward challenge within the challenge, where the four girls had to act fast and don as many pieces of clothing within 30 seconds. Melrose won the prize of $10,000 worth of clothing and jewelry.

Back at the house, the tension between Anchal and Melrose reached a boiling point when Melrose accused Anchal of being childish and disrespectful to others, causing a visibly affected Anchal to retreat to her room.

For the week's photo shoot, the girls received their first Covergirl assignment, shooting for TruBlend whipped foundation, modeling as space-sirens. They flew at a skydiving training facility, where many contestants had difficulty expressing grace inside the wind tunnel.

During judging, the girls had to act out a scene derived from a verb and adverb randomly drawn from a box.

CariDee, Melrose, and Eugena all excelled while the others, especially Michelle and Anchal did not impress. Despite some of the worst photos from Eugena & Jaeda, Michelle & Anchal were in the Bottom 2 both due to their apparent lack of drive (though the judges had previously praised their photos and overall portfolios). Although Tyra praised Anchal's natural beauty, her lack of self confidence holds her back, and she was eliminated.

First call-out: CariDee English
Bottom two: Anchal Joseph & Michelle Babin
Eliminated: Anchal Joseph
Featured photographer: Patrick Giardino
Special guests: Gabrielle Reece, Stanton Barrett, James St. James
CoverGirl of the Week: CariDee English

Title: The Girl Who Wrecks The Car

Model: Verb and Adverb

Eugena: Shake Flirtatiously
Amanda: Ski Sadly
Michelle: Swim Frighteningly
Melrose: Box Joyfully
CariDee: Hide Dizzily
Anchal: Dance Aggressivly
Jaeda: Skip Sensually

I'm not nice to melrose because I've tried being nice to her, tried to along with her doesn't work. She does bitchy little things and it makes you want to slap the ho.”

— Anchal Joseph