America's Next Top Model Cycle 7 Episode 12

The girls traveled to a dance studio where they met flamenco dancer Nacho Blancho, who taught them the steps of the traditional Spanish dance.

While Eugena breezed through the practice, Amanda’s awkwardness became apparent.

Later that night, the girls shared a dinner with runway coach and judge Miss J. Alexander, before returning to their apartment to rehearse their dance steps. CariDee and Eugena repeatedly expressed their disdain for Melrose and wished for the two of them to be the Top 2. The next morning, the girls arrived at a majestic Spanish villa for their flamenco dance test, decked out in full flamenco attire. Melrose, who earlier didn't practice and said "I am 100% confident that I'm going to shine," is the only girl who made a mistake. Nacho was impressed by Amanda’s improvement but crowned Eugena the winner, who picked Amanda to share in her prize, which turned out to be three presents bearing clothes worn at the Custo Barcelona Fall 2006 collection. Melrose cried because she didn't do as well as she expected to.

For the photo shoot, the girls met with Jay Manuel who brought out Tyra to assist. The girls were paired up — Eugena and Melrose, Amanda and CariDee — to pose as nymphs floating underwater. While Melrose shone in the freezing water, Eugena delivered many blank shots and was unable to stay afloat. CariDee had to be pulled out from the icy water prematurely when she got hypothermia and started shivering uncontrollably. She was later scolded for not speaking up and "listening to her body." Amanda had to finish the rest of the 50 frames left in the shoot by herself.

At panel, the judges warned Eugena about her bland expressions, and still had reservations about Amanda’s stiffness and awkward posing. Though she was praised for not allowing her coldness to show on her face in the photo shoot, CariDee found herself in the bottom two with Amanda: Amanda’s look was “edgy” and “high-fashion,” but the judges worried if she was overly awkward and meek; CariDee's look was “classic,” but may not be able to take the physical demands of being a model. Tyra ultimately handed the last photo to Caridee, with the advice "You know you have a weakness with cold; You need to figure out how that doesn't cost the client money." Amanda, the last of the Babin twins was sent packing.

First call-out: Melrose Bickerstaff
Bottom two: Amanda Babin & CariDee English
Eliminated: Amanda Babin
Featured photographer: David Ruiz
Special guests: Nacho Blancho, Naama Hernandez Ruiz
CoverGirl of the Week: None

Title: The Girl Who Grates

Amanda looks like Amanda trying to dance. Amanda looks awkward as usual.”

— Eugena Washington