Hannah Montana Season 1 Episode 19

Miley's school raises money for the United People Releif Fund.

Miley uses her Hannah Montana celebrity status to help out her,Lily, and Oliver when they hear that Amber and Ashley were giving big checks from their dads. Lily and Miley then give the Hannah money to Sarah cause she seems to be doing charity for the right reasons.Amber and Ashley brought in the most money cause Oliver bragged how Sarah was going to bring in more money then them. Then Miley helps Sarah Change Amber and Ashley plans for the day by telling the reporter that Amber and Ashley were going to buy clothes for the needy, then and serve soup at the soup kitchen with Sarah.Jackson turns everything into a compaction after finding out Robbie Ray let him win a basketball game

Title: Money For Nothing, Guilt For Free

Miley uses her Hannah Montana power to her full advantage as she competes in a fund-raising event against Amber and Ashley to help Sarah; Jackson tries to beat Robby at a game, without letting Jackson win.