Deftones release Saturday Night Wrist

Saturday Night Wrist is the fifth studio album by American metal band Deftones.

It was released on Maverick Records on October 31, 2006. Despite early contributions that were later scrapped, Saturday Night Wrist marks the departure of mainstay Deftones producer Terry Date.

The band's fifth album was the product of an arduous and stressful creative process lasting roughly two years and straining relationships within Deftones. Complicating matters, and inspiring many of the album's songs, were frontman Chino Moreno's drug addictions and the crumbling of his marriage. The outcome, however, would be an album met with critical praise.

This is the last Deftones album to be released with bassist Chi Cheng before his near-fatal 2008 car accident. Cheng continues to make a slow recovery as of 2011.