New England Patriots defeat Minnesota Vikings, 31-7

Defensive lineman Richard Seymour sat at his locker after the Patriots' thoroughly dominating 31-7 victory over the Vikings last night, and it was hard to miss the large piece of jewelry on his right ring finger.

Seymour needed a pick-me-up, so he put on his 2001 Super Bowl ring.

"I don't even wear them, but I just felt the need this week," Seymour said. "I was just feeling like a ring."

The Patriots' performance last night was indeed ring-worthy.

The passing g...

The quarterback was one excitable boy in the locker room before this one had even started.

"Dancing around,moving, talking, stuff like that," reported running back Kevin Faulk. "Man, he was ready."

Yes, he was. Tom Brady has been patiently waiting for his offense, his perpetual work in progress, to take shape. He has spoken wistfully of making big plays downfield, of hitting multiple targets, of putting big numbers on the board.

You want numbers? See how these sou...

Last night the Patriots taught the Minnesota Vikings the difference between Division 1 and Division 1-AA football, NFL-style.

In the NFC, the Vikings are a playoff contender. Against the AFC, they are cannon fodder. In the NFC, they are a physical team that can run over you with a massive offensive line or shut down yours with a massive defensive line. Against the AFC, they are no more than an annoyance.

The Vikings came to the Metrodome to make their first home appe...

It wasn't until a few hours before kickoff that defensive lineman Richard Seymour knew he'd be suiting up for last night's game against the Vikings.

"It was a game-time decision; I felt like I could be productive on the football field," said Seymour, who injured his left elbow last week against the Bills. "I wasn't where I wanted to be, but at the same time I was able to come out and do some things. I think I'm only going to get better from this point."

Seymour, who ...