America's Next Top Model Cycle 7 Episode 6

A red carpet challenge with former judge Janice Dickinson left some of the girls speechless.

Melrose won the reward challenge, which gave her a night to interview stars on the red carpet as part of Entertainment Tonight's staff.

Back at the house, Michelle revealed that she might be gay or bisexual, to the surprise of her twin sister Amanda, who became noticeably more introverted after hearing this. While talking to Tyra, Amanda revealed that she was scared for her sister. She came to terms with it and accompanied her sister as Michelle called their mother to tell her.

The stars came out at a photo shoot where the contestants were transformed into celebrity couples.

During judging, the girls were asked to be impromptu correspondents and give their best commentary of red carpet footage featuring the ANTM judges, during which Brooke shone but AJ let her self-consciousness show through. Brooke's fantastic photo and great performance at the judging test earned her a first call out. CariDee and Melrose also received praise for their overall performance as well.

In the end, AJ and Jaeda were revealed to be in the bottom two, both because the judges weren't sure how much they cared about the competition. The judging concluded in a big shock to the girls when AJ, who had done well consistently throughout the competition, was eliminated. The judges felt that she had just lost her drive to remain in the competition and spared Jaeda for the third time.

First call-out: Brooke Miller
Bottom two: AJ Stewart & Jaeda Young
Eliminated: AJ Stewart
Featured photographer: Matthew Jordan Smith
Special guests: Janice Dickinson, Mark Steines
CoverGirl of the Week: AJ Stewart

Title: The Girl Who Punk'd Ashton

Model: Celebrity Couple

AJ: Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez
Amanda: Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore
Anchal: Stedman Graham & Oprah Winfrey
Brooke: Kevin Federline & Britney Spears
CariDee: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
Eugena: Jay-Z & Beyoncé Knowles
Jaeda: Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston
Melrose: Donald Trump & Melania Trump
Michelle: Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi

I'll teach you some of the nuances of interviewing: ask a question, get an answer.”

— Mark Steines