America's Next Top Model Cycle 7 Episode 5

he contestants learned to strike an extreme pose from a contortionist, and model coach, Stacey McKenzie, and were put to the test in a high fashion challenge.

They learned to show an extreme pose in designer Bao Tranchi's clothing and Erica Courtney jewelry. Eugena was chosen as the winner and won all the jewelry worn during the challenge, totaling $32,000.

The photo shoot this week was based on a circus freak show and the girls turned into various circus freaks.

At judging, AJ and CariDee were hailed for their performances and Jaeda and Megg found themselves in the bottom two, both for their bad photos. Megg was sent home because of her inability to transfer her personality into a photo.

First call-out: CariDee English
Bottom two: Jaeda Young & Megg Morales
Eliminated: Megg Morales
Featured photographer: Mike Rosenthal
Special guests: Bao Tranchi, Stacey McKenzie, Jonathan Nosan, Erica Courtney, Atoosa Rubenstein
CoverGirl of the Week: AJ Stewart

Title: The Girl Who Joined The Circus

Model: Circus Freak

AJ: Cannibal
Amanda: Siamese twins (with Michelle)
Anchal: Giant lady
Brooke: Rubber girl
CariDee: Elephant girl
Eugena: Bird lady
Jaeda: Strong lady
Megg: Bearded lady
Melrose: Old face with a young body
Michelle: Siamese twins (with Amanda)