New England Patriots defeat Miami Dolphins, 26-8

Sometimes you win even when you lose.

There are times when losing a game at the end of the year can get you a Reggie Bush and set up your franchise for a decade. And then there are times when making a token effort against a worthy opponent puts you in a better position to win your first playoff game.

New Year's Day was a laugh riot at the Razor. Providing a boola-boola highlight for the rest of this century, Patriots coach Bill Belichick allowed Doug Flutie to drop k...

The two-time defending Super Bowl Champions were there, but not there.

In the stadium, but not in the game. In uniform, but not on the field.

In the regular-season finale, a game in which the Patriots fell to the Miami Dolphins, 28-26, the football that was played was not the football New England fans have come to expect.

In what was generally a meaningless game, the Patriots rested players who could have played, played players at positions they have not played an...

They haven't seen much of them this season, but the New England Patriots already know all they need to know about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

''I know they won 11 games," linebacker Willie McGinest said of Saturday night's AFC wild-card playoff opponent before Jacksonville improved that to 12 wins, six on the road, last night.

You win 12 games in the National Football League and it says something about you to a veteran team like the Patriots. It says you will not be im...

It won't be the same as it was 20 years ago, when he was one of the more feared and respected defenders in the NFL, but Andre Tippett will take the field again today as the Patriots celebrate the franchise's first Super Bowl team prior to kickoff against the Dolphins.

Tippett said he couldn't wait for the weekend reunion so he could get a look at some teammates he has not seen recently.

''I want to see how many gray hairs, how many hip replacements, and how many guys...