America's Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 3

In the makeover episode, Cassandra, a former beauty pageant competitor who was very attached to her long brown hair, was given the most dramatic makeover.

Tyra had doubts about whether Cassandra was more dedicated to pageants or modeling, so she decided to test Cassandra's resolve by giving her a very short blonde hairdo similar to Mia Farrow's character in Rosemary's Baby. Despite much consideration and a major breakdown which surprised everyone, Cassandra went through with the makeover. The girls were then photographed showing off their personal styles.

At the challenge each girl gets 500$ to shop in Beverly Hills for an outfit that represents their personal style in 1 hour 30. Lisa won and got to keep her outfit as well as 3 items from the girls and picked Ebony and Kim who kept theirs and 1 item from another girl.

In the next photo shoot, each contestant partnered with another contestant of her choice, and the two were photographed separately in the same couture-inspired outfit. Ebony regretted choosing Lisa and struggled a lot.

At panel during Cassandra's evaluation Tyra revealed that she specifically told the stylists to cut her hair like Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby, so she scheduled Cassandra's hair to be cut shorter. Jayla was additionally told she would get short hair. Cassandra, Nicole, Coryn, Kim, Lisa and Nik were featured in a mock story as they were picked as the winners. Diane and Ebony landed in the bottom two, Diane for not using her body well and Ebony because of her poor performance in the shoot and eliminated because the judges felt her dream of modeling was just a dream.

First call-out: Cassandra Whitehead
Bottom two: Diane Hernández & Ebony Taylor
Eliminated: Ebony Taylor
Featured photographer: Craig De Cristo
Special guests: Louis Licari, Waatani, Lorgh, Latanya, Rob Talty, Erica Howard, James St. James
CoverGirl of the Week: Lisa D'Amato

Title: The Girl Who Needs A Miracle

Model/Personal Style:

Bre/Ghetto Fabulous
Nicole/90's wide-eyed supermodel
Lisa/Supermodel with a twist
Sarah/Ralph Lauren chic
Kim/Femme Boy
Nik/Bohemian Chic
Cassandra/Mod with an edge
Diane/Dressy Casual
Ebony/Sophisticated with an edge
Jayla/Yves St Laurent Chic
Kyle/Chanel with an edge

Model & Competitor/Style/Winner:

Bre & Nik/Country Couture/Nik
Nicole & Diane/Pretty peasants/Nicole
Lisa & Ebony/Farm Hand Fatale/Lisa
Sarah & Coryn/Rustic Ruffles/Coryn
Kim & Kyle/Haunting Haberdasheries/Kim
Jayla & Cassandra/Hay Stack Honey/Cassandra

I'm definitely not expecting to get my hair, like, buzzed off or something because, I mean, you can't have a lesbian with buzzed hair that's like too much.”

— Kim Stolz