America's Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 2

After moving into their new home, the contestants went to a party with celebrities and had to walk a runway, portryaing different styles given to them by MC Nate Dogg.

Sarah, who was given size 10 shoes (she wears a seven) stumbled, while Kim, who didn't know how to put on make-up was blown off by Ashley. Sarah and Kim shared a kiss in the limousine on the way home.

The week's photoshoot had a superhero theme. Nik, Cassandra, Jayla and Lisa excelled but Kim, Ashley and Sarah struggled. Coryn managed to overcome her fear of height. During judging the judges liked Kim's look but not her picture, Diane's face but not her pose or walk and Twiggy criticized Jayla's and Bre's walks as well as Bre's lack of eye contact. Sarah landed in the bottom two because she lost her confidence on the runway but it was Ashley who was eliminated and shocked because the judges felt that she was not a model and was just trying to get by as a pretty girl.

First call-out: Nik Pace
Bottom two: Ashley Black & Sarah Rhoades
Eliminated: Ashley Black
Featured photographer: Mike Ruiz
Special guests: Robin Leach, Nate Dogg, Rob Talty, Eric Howard

Title: The Girls Become Superheroes


Nicole Ferocious
Kyle Confident
Sarah Glitzy, Queenly

One down, eleven to go.”

— Kim Stolz, referring to her makeout session with Sarah Rhoades

You know how sociopaths don't feel emotion and that's why they can kill people without ever, like, feeling bad about it? Only I didn't kill anyone.”

— Cassandra Whitehead