Boston Red Sox defeat Oakland Athletics, 3-2

Two more weeks? Red Sox fans are going to have to live like this for another 16 days?

Today marks the 60th consecutive day that the Sox have been in first place. They have led the American League East for 84 of the last 85 days. What the Sox did to the Yankees in 2004 should be enough to keep panic at a minimum around here. But the idea that the ancient rivals may be playing a winner-take-all series here on the final weekend is suddenly very real.

The weight of the w...

The Red Sox kept pace with the triumphant Yankees last night, pulling out a dramatic 10th-inning win when Manny Ramirez was hit with a pitch off the left elbow with the bases loaded by Keiichi Yabu, scoring pinch runner Alejandro Machado with the winning run in a 3-2 victory.

''We were all sitting here watching, waiting, and it stunned us all [how it ended]," Sox manager Terry Francona said.

Any Red Sox fan probably had the urge late in the game to grab a bat and hit...