Oakland Athletics defeat Boston Red Sox, 6-2

Terry Francona had warned people before the game that the graph would no longer be shooting upward.

Curt Schilling had arrived at a stage where he was no longer going to be evaluated by pitch counts, and that getting ''stretched out" was no longer an issue.

''He's just pitching now," the skipper declared. ''What he did in New York [last Saturday] was good for him, and good for us. Hopefully, he will make his pitches. But even at his peak of his career, he would lose gam...

Adversity, Terry Francona has contended this week, will make the Sox better. Always has, at least in his time here. But, adversity has taken on the form of less-than-ideal health and creeping fatigue, a potentially dangerous mix.

''This stretch of 30 straight days [with a game] is killing guys, is killing the energy," said Johnny Damon, whose attempts at throwing from the outfield last night served as the most extreme (and painful) illustration. ''It just gets zapped."