Snoop Dogg Releases Single "Ups & Downs"

"Ups & Downs"/"Bang Out" is the fourth single of Snoop Dogg's album R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta) The Masterpiece.

It is the first one that wasn't produced by The Neptunes. As being a mix of apparently two different tracks from the album that are "Ups & Downs" and "Bang Out" they shouldn't be handled as one.

This is a song that interpolates The Bee Gees' 1979 hit "Love You Inside Out". It has a very different sound with a slower Beats per minute rate that are more characteristic of Snoop Dogg and of the album as a whole. Upon release, the single received some criticism due to re-using the sample which had been used only 2 years earlier by Jay Z and R Kelly in "Honey" from their Best of Both Worlds project. Although the vocal is credited to Shon Don with the Bee Gees it wasn't recorded with the performers together and like so it can be considered as a tribute in honour of the original artists instead. Because the track contains a sample with an early British sound it became popular in Europe in the first place. In some prints of the cover of the R&G album the introductory sentence of "Ups & Downs" "Every Dogg Has His Day" is indicated as a separate interlude that sample from the motion picture "Scarface". However with or without it the length of the track remains four minutes seven seconds long.