Detroit Tigers defeat Boston Red Sox, 7-6

DETROIT -- Curt Schilling loves to talk and loves to pitch, and yet, last night, when combining his two favorite pastimes, the 38-year-old righthander was barely audible.

Standing before his locker, his eyes on the clubhouse floor, he recounted the ninth inning in little more than a whisper, looking like a man defeated not only by the Tigers on the field, 7-6, but by the proceedings of the last four days.

''You can't cost your team games while learning to do the job," s...

DETROIT -- Curt Schilling never looked so dejected. Never looked so disappointed.

You can understand why.

This is a Red Sox team that's clicking in just about every way.

They had won 13 straight at home. They were on their way to a win last night. Bronson Arroyo had a quality start (six innings, three runs). Good set-up by Mike Timlin. Chad Bradford got into a bit of a jam in the eighth, but Schilling got the final out.

It looked to be in the bag.

The Sox we...