Yngwie Malmsteen Unleashes "Unleash the Fury"

Unleash the Fury is an album by guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, released in 2005 on Spitfire Records.

It generally adheres to Malmsteen's trademark sound and the occasional classical cover. The album features Malmsteen's versions of two Bach pieces.

As stated in an issue of Guitar World magazine, Malmsteen titled this album after the infamous 'airline incident', which occurred on a flight to Tokyo during the Odyssey tour. He was drunk and behaving obnoxiously, until he fell asleep and was awoken by a woman pouring a jug of iced water on him. Enraged, he twice shouted "You've released the fucking fury!" (which has since often been misinterpreted as "unleashed"). The audio from this incident was caught on tape by then-fellow band member Anders Johansson, with Barry Dunaway being heard in the background.

This album was released as an Enhanced CD which features three videos in QuickTime format.

1. "Locked & Loaded" 3:46
2. "Revolution" 4:17
3. "Cracking the Whip" 3:50
4. "Winds of War (Invasion)" 5:05
5. "Crown of Thorns" 4:24
6. "The Bogeyman" 3:57
7. "Beauty and a Beast" 3:18
8. "Fuguetta" 1:01
9. "Cherokee Warrior" 5:29
10. "Guardian Angel" 3:20
11. "Let the Good Times Roll" 4:03
12. "Revelation (Drinking with the Devil)" 5:38
13. "Magic and Mayhem" 4:39
14. "Exile" 3:52
15. "The Hunt" 4:20
16. "Russian Roulette" 4:10
17. "Unleash the Fury" 5:42
18. "Paraphrase" 3:49