Entourage Season 2 Episode 8: Oh, Mandy

One of the names on the short list to play "Aquagirl" exposes a secret from Vince's past that makes Eric feel slighted.

Ari gets bumped from an important list. Drama is arrested for destroying a car with Eric's six-iron after the owner of the car insulted his career. Despite being arrested, Drama is very happy when he learns about a movie of the week he's been cast in.

Now that Vince is officially slated to star in "Aquaman," the next order of business is to choose his "Aquagirl" for the film. Several A-list actresses are up for the role, with Mandy Moore, a former flame of Vince's, on the short-list. Vince doesn't think casting his ex- would be problematic, but after having dinner with her - and learning that she's engaged to be married -- he asks Eric to keep her out the film. Drama, meanwhile, endures a difficult audition (and a brief jail stay after a bout of road rage), but ends up landing a great role.