Boston Red Sox defeat Tampa Bay Rays, 5-2

Are the Red Sox making deals, releasing veterans, and burning up the phone lines because they are afraid they can't win another championship as presently constituted?

No way! Winners by a 5-2 count over the mighty Devil Rays last night -- with Curt Schilling picking up his first save in 13 years -- the Sox are playing so well they think they can beat you with only eight players on the field.

It almost happened a couple of times against Tampa Bay this series.

On Monda...

Theo Epstein was impressed with Curt Schilling's first save with the Red Sox last night, but he was more impressed with his outing Monday night when the general manager thought Schilling's delivery was normal for the first time during his comeback.

''This means at some point we'll be able to stretch him out and get him back into the starting rotation," Epstein said.

To have Schilling return as the ace in the rotation is the ultimate goal, although Bronson Arroyo help...