Tampa Bay Rays defeat Boston Red Sox, 3-1

There is little joy in Red Sox Nation this morning.

It's bad enough the team's 25-day stay atop the American League East came to an end with a listless 3-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays last night at Fenway Park in which they were handcuffed by lefthander Scott Kazmir.

Johnny Damon's 29-game hitting streak also came to an end, with the rock star/outfielder going 0 for 5 and making the game's last out.

And the team is left with a makeshift roster as starting sec...

Even while his team continues its free fall, the Red Sox manager has good perspective.

''I don't wake up in the morning and run to the radio to see how I'm being perceived," Terry Francona said before last night's 3-1 loss to the Devil Rays. ''I'd be in trouble if I did that."

No kidding. Don Zimmer was consumed by his critics when he managed the Red Sox. John McNamara never found peace in the corner office at Fenway. Even He Who Must Not Be Named caved under the pre...