Boston Red Sox defeat New York Yankees, 17-1

His cellphone, Brian Cashman said, was almost dead.

''I've got red bars," the Yankees general manager said. ''We're in the red zone."

The red zone, as we all know, is for loading and unloading only.

And while it remains to be seen -- in the aftermath of last night's 17-1 beating the Red Sox administered to the Yankees -- whether overmatched emergency pitcher Tim Redding will still be in pinstripes come morning, there was little doubt Cashman wore out the fingers o...

Sandy Nixon had a standing agreement with her Little League-playing son, Trot, who turned 11 the year Nike released its first shoe named after fellow North Carolinian Michael Jordan.

''She told me she'd buy me some new Air Jordans if I hit an inside-the-park home run," Nixon recalled last night. ''And she did. I won't be getting any Air Jordans tonight. I'll just get an oxygen mask."

If one moment could encapsulate last night's 17-1 demolition of the Yankees, Nixon's...

Trot Nixon will be remembered by Red Sox fans for a home run against the Yankees. And it didn't come last night. He had made his legacy with a ninth-inning, two-out, two-run home run off Roger Clemens in Yankee Stadium in 2000. It broke up a scoreless confrontation with Pedro Martinez on the mound for the Sox. It was, without using the word lightly, epic.

Last night's was not.

It did, however, make a gaping wound out of the minor gash that was the Yankees' pitching s...

Suppose Curt Schilling's right ankle doesn't fully recover this season. Suppose Schilling can't make it back to anchor the Red Sox' starting rotation for the Division Series (you're not still worried about the Yankees after last night's demonstration, are you?). Who gets the ball for the first game of the playoffs?

David Wells, that's who.

Boomer had an eventful night. Getting ready for his 16th start of the season, he learned that he'd been suspended six games for m...