Boston Red Sox defeat Pittsburgh Pirates, 8-0

For a reason to smile at the ballpark, it was hard to top the Duncans, Patrick and Patrick of Everett, yesterday afternoon at Fenway Park.

Father's Day on Yawkey Way, and Patrick the Younger was holding aloft his son, 9-month-old Jonathan Michael Duncan, while holding a sign that read, ''I Was Born the Day the Sox Won the World Series."

''This is his second game," said a beaming Patrick the Elder, the boy's grandfather. ''His first game was against the Yankees. The Sox ...

Matt Clement came to the Red Sox in December much like the slider he used to befuddle many a righthanded Pittsburgh batter yesterday -- that is, backdoor. The Sox prioritized in November, and the club's letter to Santa read like this:

1. Carl Pavano

2. Brad Radke

3. Matt Clement

As Clement packed for Cleveland and Philadelphia last night, having dominated his hometown Pirates -- he came of age playing hoops and third base in Butler, Pa. -- he toted with him yet...