New York Yankees defeat Boston Red Sox, 6-3

NEW YORK -- How many baseball games have been played?

A billion? A trillion? Let's just say ''many."

And in those games, how many times do you think a team ends an inning in the middle of the game with five straight hits? Is ''never" a possible answer to that question?

Make it one, anyway. As complete and utter proof that when you're going bad, you're going bad (this is baseball: It's essential one be ungrammatical, even if one has a doctorate in English), your defen...

NEW YORK -- File under ''Not a Good Sign": Dale Sveum last night was talking to the media, engulfed postgame by microphones and pens and notebooks.

''Start it up again," Sveum said, with a smile of resignation, realizing he stands to be the focal point of criticism back home today.

The Sox last night cranked out five consecutive hits in the sixth inning at Yankee Stadium off Randy Johnson and scored just once. Tough to do. Mark Bellhorn and Johnny Damon were cut down...