Toronto Blue Jays defeat Boston Red Sox, 6-1

TORONTO -- The way Johnny Damon puts it, the Sox felt a ''calm" last season, even as they stumbled along for four months before turning in a benumbing closing act.


''Because there weren't other teams in our division pushing us who really scared us," Damon said. ''This year, we need to win."

Damon's on to something. The Sox finished 20 games above .500 last season against the American League East (48-28), including 14-5 against the Blue Jays. With last night's hi...

TORONTO -- In two games here they've looked like accidental tourists.

What's going on with your Boston Red Sox? They've stumbled into the Rogers Centre and left their best baseball in Boston. Is the presence of the New York media previewing the upcoming Yankees series distracting them? Are they looking ahead to the Bronx when they ought to be focusing on a Blue Jays team that could dog them all season?

The Sox lost Tuesday night on a walkoff homer by Reed Johnson. La...