America's Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 12

The final three met Jay Manuel and shot a commercial and print ad for CoverGirl.

Naima breezed through both rounds and was the first selected for the final two. Kahlen produced a stunning CoverGirl shot, but her performance in the commercial was moderate. Keenyah, on the other hand, had a decent commercial and photo. Keenyah's weight problem and arrogant attitude got her eliminated, as the judges felt that Kahlen's stunning portfolio showed more potential.

For their final runway walk, the girls met Ms. J at a runway partially submerged underwater and were given a course about how to stomp on water. At night, the show began as Kahlen and Naima emerged from behind a waterfall and strutted down the runway together with a bevy of other models. The judges were torn between the high fashion appeal of Kahlen and Naima's commercial appeal. While they felt Kahlen's pictures had been consistently stronger, Naima was solid in her final runway assessment and did own it. Tyra compared Kahlen to a girl who "did good all semester, but kinda failed the final exams," and Naima to a girl who "did fair during the semester, and killed the final exams."

The girls are called back into panel where it was then announced that Naima was the fourth winner of America's Next Top Model.

First call-out: Naima Mora
Bottom two: Kahlen Rondot & Keenyah Hill
Eliminated: Keenyah Hill
Final two: Kahlen Rondot & Naima Mora
America's Next Top Model: Naima Mora
Featured photographer: Helmut Rautenbach
Featured commercial director: Russel Underhill
Special guests: J. Alexander, Mathu Anderson, Gretha Scholtz
CoverGirl of the Week: Naima Mora

Title: The Girl Who Walks On Water

Naima, be careful not to lead with your chin, because when it goes up, the camera goes up in your nostrils and we can see what you're thinking.”

— J. Alexander