Toronto Blue Jays defeat Boston Red Sox, 12-5

TORONTO -- Pitchers in their 40s might be in vogue around major league baseball, but they're not the easiest guys to manage.

Well, they are if you've got Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens, both of whom are still pitching lights-out with fastballs in the mid-90s. With those guys, a manager has to find the right time to take them out of the game, and Johnson and Clemens usually dictate that.

But what if you're managing David Wells? He's 41, and he's struggled in his first t...

TORONTO -- They were advertised as economical upgrades, Filene's quality at Filene's Basement prices.

David Wells ($2.5 million base pay), Matt Mantei ($750,000), John Halama ($750,000), and Blaine Neal ($321,000), the newest men to the Boston pitching staff. They worked yesterday's game against the Blue Jays in that order, marking the first time this season that an entire Sox game was pitched by people new to the team.

The result: four Blue Jay home runs (including ...